NCFTANarrows Center for the Arts (Fall River, MA)
NCFTANational Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (Pittsburgh, PA)
NCFTANational Center for Traditional Arts (Taiwan)
NCFTANorth Central Florida Trauma Agency
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Senior vice president of retail operations at RILA, Lisa LaBruno, said : 'Our partnership with NCFTA is one of many information sharing models we are pursuing as part of our multi-solution approach to cybersecurity.
CEO of the NCFTA, Maria Vello, added : 'The NCFTA is honored to partner with RILA to share threat intelligence.
Our partnership with AllClear ID will assist our core mission of identifying and mitigating cybercrime and Internet fraud," said Ron Plesco, CEO of NCFTA.
The NCFTA emphasizes that cyber crime can also support and enable current crises including human and drug trafficking, terrorist activities, child exploitation and other illicit activities.
The NCFTA board includes executives from the telecom, accounting services and financial industries, as well as higher education.
By bringing IID on-board, we will be able to gain a wealth of vital data from one of the world's leading Internet fraud fighting organizations," said NCFTA President and CEO Ron Plesco.
We've worked with the Anchor team on several occasions to better understand the tactics used by online perpetrators," says Ron Plesco, President and CEO of the NCFTA.
March 25-26: RCLC holds in-person meeting at NCFTA.
The NCFTA is honored to manage this one-of-a-kind program as it is vital to the interests of our partners and consistent with our mission.
This NCFTA deployment demonstrates the powerful role that today's wireless technology can play in helping promote traditional arts among tourists and students of Taiwan's culture," said Jackson Wu, managing director, Taiwan, Nortel.
The Microsoft-assigned analyst will focus on analyzing real-time data related to phishing scams and provide assistance in data analysis for CAN SPAM cases as well as work with the NCFTA to facilitate the timely sharing of pertinent industry case data with law enforcement.