NCGBCNorth Carolina Genomics and Bioinformatics Consortium
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A project of MCNC and the NCGBC, the NC BioGrid will accumulate the vast library of genomics, proteomics, and related data being created throughout the world, combine it with non-proprietary data from Consortium members, and make this invaluable collection of data available to researchers and educators throughout North Carolina.
The NCGBC was established in December 2000 by the NC Biotechnology Center to foster partnerships between universities, biological science and computing companies, and foundations and non-profit organizations so that genomics, bioinformatics and proteomics efforts will thrive in North Carolina, and the state's researchers can develop products to benefit many people.
IBM and MCNC will work closely with other members of the Consortium and other information technology (IT) vendors to provide the IT infrastructure, including key hardware and software technologies, and staffing to harness computing and data storage resources and make them available to NCGBC members over NCREN.