NCGENational Council for Geographic Education
NCGENational Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship (UK)
NCGENational Centre for Guidance in Education (Ireland)
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NCGE will acknowledge the article contributors on Saturday, July 30 during its annual National Conference on Geography Education taking place in Tampa, Florida.
The students, selected by the NCGE, will spend the first three months in the UK in preparation for their period in the States where, hosted by the Kauffman Foundation, they will spend time both in an entrepreneurial university setting and at entrepreneurial companies.
In the next few months, the NCGE will be calling on higher education institutions across the country to nominate candidates for the program with a keen interest in starting and growing a business relevant to their area of study.
NCGE research from last year shows that 70 per cent of the UK's top 200 fastest growing businesses were founded by graduates.
Ian Robertson, chief executive of NCGE, said; "The Unipreneur Awards are a timely reminder of students' new attitudes to employment and business which can be found on campuses around the country.
Of the 84 students and graduates subsequently shortlisted to work with NCGE mentors to develop their ideas and source funding, over a half are women, endorsing the survey findings and hopefully promising more Martha Lane Foxes and Anita Roddicks.
The new NCGE, set up by the Government and launched by Chancellor Gordon Brown has enlisted Durham Business School as one of three universities to undertake research into the barriers to and the benefits of graduate entrepreneurship.
Simon Butt, Director of Communications for the NCGE, said: "We're focused on transforming universities and the entire higher education sector to embed entrepreneurship at the heart of university life.
Ian Robertson, chief executive of the NCGE, said: "There's no reason that aspirations of starting up should fall by the wayside when the reality of getting a job kicks in.
Ian Robertson, chief executive of the Government-backed NCGE added: "This generation of 'unipreneurs' are using their hard earned educations to start-up credible businesses and make them real contenders in competitive markets.
Ian Robertson, chief executive of NCGE, said: "Its very encouraging that committed entrepreneurs are not dissuaded by debt levels, after all, good entrepreneur-ship does imply acceptance of calculated risk, but all students need to understand that a degree of financial burden need not be an impediment to getting off the starting blocks.
I look forward to supporting the NCGE in spreading the spirit of enterprise in higher education institutions throughout the UK.