NCHBNavy Cargo Handling Battalion (US DoD)
NCHBNaim Cendera Holdings Bhd (Malaysia)
NCHBNorth Carolina Harmony Brigade
NCHBNoncontraceptive Health Benefits
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In all operations, NCHB FIVE received glowing praise for professional logistics expertise, proudly upholding NAVELSG's motto of "Getting it where it needs to go, anytime, anywhere
During 2009, NCHB 1's unique capability and flexibility were key to the success of numerous real-world contingency operations and training exercises, including Operation Deep Freeze, Antarctica; Exercise Joint Logistics Over the Shore (JLOTS '09), Guantanamo Bay; Exercise Freedom Banner '09, Thailand; containerized ordnance movement in Japan, Guam, and Diego Garcia; various Maritime Prepositioning Force offloads and exercises in California, Florida, Virginia, and Crete; crane operator expertise and support to the SS FLICKERTAIL STATE articulated crane testing and evaluation; and support to the Joint Assessment Team of USTRANSCOM's Joint Task Force-Port Opening (JTF-PO).
In August 2008, NCHB 3 passed its Unit Level Training and Readiness Assessment (ULTRA) certification, which made it NAVELSG's "Ready for Mobilization Battalion" in 2009.
NCHB 13 provided over 3800 days of contributory support to customers in every Commander-in-Chief's area of responsibility in 2001, including Oman (BEACON FLASH), Bahrain (SOUTHERN WATCH), Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (COBRA GOLD and JRTC Redeployment) and the Mediterranean (Forward Logistics Support Site Malta).
Of additional note, Operational Purple Lightning, a joint three-day land, ship and air Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard exercise involving over 300 personnel, was entirely conceived and sponsored by NCHB 13.
We here at NCHB 1 will maintain the standard that he and his predecessors set, and stand ever ready to respond as the Navy's 911 Cargo Operators.
The future will offer challenges and opportunities for NCHB 1," Cmdr.
Each of the 10 reserve NCHBs is structured exactly the same with nine companies each:
NAVELSG's 10 Reserve NCHBs are spread across the United States.
There's no better way to start a fine Navy day than being out on the beach doing some great PT," LCDR Darin Perrine, Executive Officer NCHB 3.
Navy, Gennaro Buonocore, officer-in-charge of NCHB 14's Delta Company.
Onward to the Abruzzo region of Italy, the NCHB 14 visited an active CRIMIL humanitarian aid operation in earthquake-ravaged L'Aquila, seeing first-hand a 50-mile swath of devastated villages where centuries-old homes and buildings now stood in ruins.