NCHBANorth Carolina Home Builders Association (Raleigh, NC)
NCHBANorth Central Home Builders Association (Washington)
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Dustin Christensen of Tonka Landshaping & Excavating has also served on both the NCHBA and BNCW's boards of directors for the past 11 years, serving as president of NCHBA and chairman of BNCW.
In 2004 Goolsby won the NCHBA STARS Award for Outstanding Achievement in New Construction valued at $250,000-$500,000.
Dues are $375 a year, compared to $395 per year for the NCHBA.
He expects some will stay with NCHBA because of its narrower scope, especially builders involved in the state Labor and Industries Retro Program, which provides refunds on workers' compensation premiums.
But since many current NCHBA members are not builders, but associate members, the advocacy issues tackled by state lobbyists don't have as direct of an impact.
The NCHBA is contracting with BNCW for their administrative services.
The health plan is not something we could have done under the umbrella of the NCHBA," Straub said.
For the previous four years, the NCHBA shared space in the Blodgett Construction headquarters in Malaga.
The NCHBA also has lost membership, as have all 16 home builder associations across the state.
That certainly held true locally, as NCHBA member Ryan Kelso (Complete Design) will likely attest.