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NCHCNational Center for High-Performance Computing (Taiwan)
NCHCNational Coalition on Health Care
NCHCNational Collegiate Honors Council
NCHCNorth Carolina Horse Council
NCHCNorth Coast Hardcore (Australia)
NCHCNorth Carolina Hospital Center
NCHCNon-Communicating Hydrocephalus
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As president, Rick inaugurated--among several other major agendas--a national census of honors programs and colleges, which became the basis for his seminal research studies on the demography of honors, including not just NCHC members but non-members as well, providing and analyzing data that honors administrators can use to evaluate and support their programs or colleges.
Jim's presidential address at the 2014 NCHC conference in Denver took as its theme Ovid's aphorism "tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis," the last part of which he translated in his title as "and we are a-changing, too" (later published in HIP 11: 41-49).
The NCHC declaration also sought the government to provide a platform for generating support and partnerships between civil society, media and government at both levels, both federal and
The NCHC maintains effective government relations and works closely with the NC Department of Agriculture, county extension agents and higher education institutions throughout the state including NC State University and NC A&T University.
Before leading NCHC, Neas was president and CEO of People For the American Way, where he was a national leader on civil rights, civil liberties and public education issues.
Unlike many homeless shelters where overnight guests must leave during the day, NCHC will encourage guests to stay 24 hours a day.
At the NCHC national conferences, he has led several sessions on fundraising and other sessions on a variety of topics.
The list of Peter's publications, in addition to his NCHC monograph, includes six books on topics mostly relating to political violence; twenty articles and book chapters with titles like "Black Education and the Dialectics of Transformation in South Africa" and "Nuclear Winter: Paradoxes and Paradigm Shifts"; and numerous reviews, conference papers, and speeches.
So, I urge you to forget what you think you already know about the answer to the question of what we belong to if we belong to NCHC and instead to indulge along with me in some forgetfulness--forgetting the kind of school you come from, whether a large research university or a small faith-based institution, a traditional liberal arts school or a two-year college, or any one of the other types that make up NCHC.
In both NCHC Semesters and Faculty Institutes, field examination in ex-urban sites dealing with natural and agricultural themes has proven as powerful as the application of these modalities to urban settings, significantly expanding the range of disciplines that collaborate in any given project.
With a mandate initially to establish a sole, centralized facility for computational resources, the NCHC has undergone rapid expansions.
We proposed enriching the dataset we assembled that answered the questions above by combining forces with NCHC so that we could potentially answer additional questions.