NCHELPNational Council of Higher Education Loan Programs
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Where: 2011 NCHELP Knowledge Symposium, Tradewinds Island Grand, St.
NCHELP represents a nationwide network of guaranty agencies, secondary markets, lenders, loan servicers, collectors, schools and other organizations that provide financial assistance to millions of American students and their families each year.
By providing his numerous talents to NCHELP, he is helping students and the higher education community far beyond the great contributions that he has made through AES.
I am truly touched that NCHELP chose to present me with this prestigious award," said Miller.
In partnering together, CBA, EFC, NCHELP, and PESC are jointly planning and developing this conference, and PESC will serve as overall administrator.
Since its founding, NCHELP has represented its members on public policy and regulatory issues with the legislative and executive branches of the federal government.
Twenty-three guaranty agencies are currently in production or are actively pursuing implementation, making this collaborative industry initiative led by NCHELP a portal to 70 percent of the FFELP and private student loan information in the industry.