NCHHNational Center for Healthy Housing
NCHHNational Campaign for Hearing Health
NCHHNational Coalition on Housing and Homelessness (Canada)
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NCHH develops scientifically valid and practical strategies to make homes safe from hazards and to protect low-income families at highest risk.
NCHH director, Rebecca Morley, said, "Cutting edge housing professionals are heading off liability, maintenance and repair costs by incorporating healthy housing principles into their practices.
Some of the deadliest hazards in the home environment cannot be seen or smelled," said Rebecca Morley, executive director of NCHH.
Although older, low-income homes typically pose greater risks, our research shows that millions of American homes have hazards that can harm occupants' health," said Rebecca Morley, executive director of NCHH.
We salute NCHH and their efforts to focus the attention of our legislators on hearing health issues," said Joe Karp, director of business alliances for Wynd Communications.
The vulnerable health conditions of this community make it particularly susceptible to worsening air quality, which NCHH air quality models determined would be a product of increased truck traffic to and from the site.
At houses 2 and 3, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans selected the contractors and supervised the activities, with support from the NCHH and Urban Renovation Consultants.
The NCHH itself, for example, was formerly the National Center for LeadSafe Housing; it changed its name in 1999 to reflect its increasingly broader scope.
As Morley of NCHH commented, "I have people ask me all the time: 'I think I might have been exposed as a child.
At an evening reception held on June 22, the National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition (the Coalition) announced four awards to individuals who have made significant contributions to improving the health and safety conditions of housing for families nationwide; NCHH awarded four grants to community-based organizations as part of its Grassroots Advocacy Network; and NCHH Executive Director Rebecca Morley was honored with the inaugural Healthy Homes Pioneer Award for advancing the field of healthy housing.
ICCF, BASF and NCHH are leaders in finding solutions for common problems and educating consumers and builders.
NEHA, NCHH, and ASHI are very excited about this collaboration among our associations.