NCHINational Council of the Housing Industry
NCHINational Concern for Healthcare Infections
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NCHINew Cambridge History of India
NCHINorthern Centre for Healthcare Improvement (Australia)
NCHINon-Capsulate Haemophilus Influenzae (virus)
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Involved in NAHB endeavors at all levels, including key committees and other councils, NCHI members also serve as a unique problem-solving resource on a variety of issues and are frequent financial sponsors of NAHB activities and initiatives.
Through the years, NCHI membership has provided CertainTeed with the opportunity to interface with the key members of the homebuilding industry to jointly discuss and tackle industry issues and capitalize on opportunities that benefit both homebuilders and building products manufacturers.
Involvement: Approximately 45% of the exhibition space at the annual International Builders' Show is occupied by NCHI members.
THE COUNCIL: The NCHI New American Home committee is led by (I to r) Tucker Bernard, NCHI TNAH 2003 staff liaison, senior director of NCHI at the NAHB, Washington; C.
Comprised of over 90 companies and related trade associations, NCHI members are among the most well respected, trusted, reliable and innovative businesses found throughout the housing industry.
Providing cabinetry and built-ins for various rooms of the house, Timberlake worked closely with the NCHI, the builder, architect and design team, to spotlight emerging trends and design ideas that promise to delight both the eyes and the intellect," says Connie Edwards, director of design, Timberlake Cabinet Company.
NCHI members have spent millions of dollars retooling to produce low-flow toilets," says Tucker Bernard, senior director of NCHI.
Established in 1964, the NCHI is a standing committee within the National Association of Home Builders, comprised of the nation's leading building materials and service suppliers.
TNAH 2001 is a showcase sponsored by the NAHB's NCHI and BUILDER.