NCHMNational Center for Health Marketing (US CDC)
NCHMNational Center for Housing Management
NCHMNational Cultural History Museum (Pretoria, South Africa)
NCHMNational College of Holistic Medicine (est. 1992)
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These 15 NCHMs provided a unique opportunity to investigate the issue of chlorination.
Characteristic 14 CHMs 14 NCHMs Total population (1989) 463,657 397,588 Mean population 28,399 33,118 Population density 611.
The mean birth weights in the CHMs and NCHMs were 3,181.
01%) Variables NCHMs Singleton live births(n) 8,018 Mean birth weight 3,170.
Table 3 shows the ORs for term LBW and preterm delivery based on comparisons between CHMs and NCHMs using logistic regression.
The percentage of the population served by chlorinated water in the CHMs and NCHMs was 96.
The NCHM has the largest number of affiliated Hotel Management Institutes while LHC is a leading global hospitality consultancy that is part of the famous Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, ranked as the world s best hospitality management school.