NCHMNational Center for Health Marketing (US CDC)
NCHMNational Center for Housing Management
NCHMNational Cultural History Museum (Pretoria, South Africa)
NCHMNational College of Holistic Medicine (est. 1992)
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In addition to offering affordable rents, NCHM plans to make the apartment complexes into model communities.
Herwaldt said NCHM capitalized on the positive aspects of the savings and loan tragedy by buying the five properties from GE Capital for a good price and then passing on the benefits by providing tenants with 100 percent affordable housing.
Herwaldt said NCHM will look for other opportunities to expand its role as a property owner.
The five properties purchased by NCHM will be managed by Westbrook Management Company of Dallas, which first began to manage the buildings for General Electric credit.
NCHM Vice President Glenn Stevens said the purpose of the workshop is to "give property managers across the country the tools they need to help take back their communities from criminals and drug dealers.
According to officials of NCHM, federally assisted residential communities that adopt the RADAR program are able to improve the safety and quality of life for staff and residents, significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs at housing projects, improve property values, and increase demand for rental units.
NCHM is a Department of Housing and Urban Development-approved certifying organization.
President Nixon established NCHM by executive order in 1972 to help strengthen and professionalize the federally assisted housing industry.
Table 3 shows the ORs for term LBW and preterm delivery based on comparisons between CHMs and NCHMs using logistic regression.
The percentage of the population served by chlorinated water in the CHMs and NCHMs was 96.
However, we assumed that women living in CHMs, on average, experience a higher exposure to THMs than women living in NCHMs (nonchlorinated water) (23).
Mobility between CHMs and NCHMs during pregnancy is likely to be a problem in this study.