NCHRNational Centre for Human Rights (Jordan)
NCHRNational Coalition for Haitian Rights
NCHRNational Commission for Human Rights (Athens, Greece)
NCHRNorth Carolina Historical Review (est. 1924)
NCHRNordic Committee for Human Rights (Olofstorp, Sweden)
NCHRNational Center for Hydrogen Research (Florida Institute of Technology)
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According to the source, in preparing its notes and recommendations on the bills, the NCHR will make reference to international agreements and treaties to which Egypt is party.
Justice (retd) Ali Nawaz Chohan said the NCHR considers Pope Francis an influential personality in the world who can play his role for resolving Kashmir dispute.
Pervaiz Rashid said that the old building of Federal Shariat Court was being renovated for the NCHR as there was no official building for housing the Commission.
Al Riyami touched on NCHR s terms of reference, its achievements and programmes being implemented in cooperation with various governmental and civil society institutions.
secretary-general of the Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA) and NCHR
The NCHR symposium sought to address this limitation--and it was also marked by an airing of all sides of the issue.
The NCHR and other observers say the biggest problem is not the prison system itself, but the country's corrupt and inefficient police force and its antiquated and nearly inoperative judicial system.
Brigitta Bhala, appreciated the establishment of NCHR and cherished the government's resolve to fulfil its international commitments.
Mohammed Faeq spoke about the role of the NCHR at the Arab Republic of Egypt.
The NCHR deputy chairperson, Joseph Khalil, said in press conference on Thursday that most of the complaints involve cases of security and freedoms abuses while some complaints are related to land disputes, pointing that few cases relate to violations committed by the police.
Salah bin Ali Abdulrahman met Head of Egypt's National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) Hassan Al Ghiryani, in the presence of NCHR Secretary General Dr.
It (the bill) shall empower the NCHR to proceed even in respect of armed forces, which means army, navy, air force and all other civil armed forces including the military intelligence agencies," The Express Tribune quoted Senator Khurshid Ahmed of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), as saying.