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The NCHSAA needed solutions for content management and navigation, and looked to incorporate modern technologies into the new website to provide visitors with real-time information.
DesignHammer and the NCHSAA collaborated to create a well organized, well designed website that could be easily navigated and viewed on a wide spectrum of Web-browsing devices.
To serve the various NCHSAA audiences, the new website provides clear entry points to key information, and was carefully architected to do so.
The NCHSAA and DesignHammer closely collaborated on how the new site would be organized and designed by using various methods, including mind mapping.
With nearly 400 member schools, the NCHSAA needed a well organized way to manage up-to-date information.
DesignHammer built an importer that would allow the NCHSAA to upload a CSV with data about the schools, which would then import into Drupal's database.
Because the NCHSAA serves as the source for information on playoff and championship games, the new site needed an organized way to present tournament brackets.
Now that the NCHSAA has adopted ArbiterOne, they will be able to ensure that every official working a North Carolina high school game is registered with the NCHSAA.
In addition, the NCHSAA uses Arbiter360[TM] to maintain a view of the entire statewide assigning system, run reports, track trends and check adoption across schools.
8220;It is a priority of mine to serve area student athletes, and I am committed to working with the NCHSAA to ensure we are doing our part to improve their overall health and quality of life.
8220;Noverant's solution will help us ensure the safety of our high school athletes by ensuring that all past criminal history of our officials is immediately brought to the attention of the NCHSAA,” said Davis Whitfield, commissioner of the NCHSAA.
The NCHSAA is a voluntary, nonprofit corporation which administers the state's interscholastic athletic program.