NCHVNational Coalition for Homeless Veterans
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The Jerald Washington Memorial Founders' Award is the highest award bestowed in the homeless veteran assistance community and is named in honor of a Vietnam Veteran and NCHV co-founder.
history, the nation has a comprehensive, multi-agency strategy to end and prevent homelessness," said NCHV president and CEO John Driscoll.
When I first came to NCHV, we had no money and few members.
At its annual conference, the NCHV also elected Retzlaff to its board of directors.
For these reasons among many more, the VA has decided to make strategic investments in this program, which NCHV fully supports.
We know there will still be veterans who need help in 2015," said John Driscoll, NCHV President and CEO.
Working with NCHV staff and member agencies, Lilly has made significant contributions to homeless services providers in several states and has positioned itself as the nation's leading corporate sponsor of homeless veterans assistance programs," said Linda Boone, NCHV executive director.
More than 700 community organizations now receive VA grants to provide housing and services to more than 30,000 homeless veterans each year, and about half of those will be attending this year's NCHV Annual Conference.
The opening session will also feature Kelly Caffarelli, President of The Home Depot Foundation, the lead corporate sponsor of the 2012 NCHV Annual Conference; and Dr.
The partnership between the service providers NCHV represents and the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Labor and Housing and Urban Development has been credited with decreasing the number of homeless veterans on the streets of America by more than 50 percent in the last six years.
NCHV conducted a recent survey to determine if veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are, indeed, beginning to request help from homeless veteran service providers.
NCHV will coordinate the national program and manage the business fund and the application process.