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NCIBNormal Course Issuer Bid
NCIBNational Charities Information Bureau (now part of Wise Giving Alliance)
NCIBNational Collection of Industrial Bacteria (Edinburgh, Scotland)
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The most motorcycle thefts occurred in August (5,251) and the fewest in February (2,547), which continues to reflect a weather-influenced pattern that is consistent with previous years, according to the NCIB.
The NCIB commenced on February 9, 2016, and will terminate no later than February 8, 2017.
The TSX has accepted a notice filed by EXFO of its intention to renew its NCIB.
The NCIB will continue until May 12, 2016, or until such earlier time as the bid is completed or terminated at the option of WestJet.
1995, "Genetic organization, nucleotide sequence and regulation of expression of expression of genes encoding phenol hydroxylase and catechol 1, 2 dioxygenase in Acinetobacter calcaceticus NCIB.
MIC ([micro]g) for Test Bacterium sample #1 Gram Positives: Bacillus coagulans ATCC 7050 -- Bacillus megaterium NCIB 2602 150 Enterococcus faecium vanA -- Enterococcus phooeniculicola JLB-1T -- Micrococcus sp.
The NCIB was created by Congress in 2005 to collect and maintain high-quality cord blood units and make them available for transplantation.
55) In a cooperative effort between insurance companies, (56) salvage yards, and state and local authorities, the NCIB created a database of VINs (over 165,000 as of 4 November 2005) for vehicles damaged in Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
To do so, we partition the sample according to whether the NCIB or the PAS monitor the charity.
To this end, we obtain the 1997 annual report for the Greenpeace Fund and reports issued by two privately funded oversight agencies--the April 1996 report from the NCIB (1996b) and the June 1997 report of the CBBB-PAS (1997).
While the NCIB charges a fee for these profiles, a client considering a large donation will find the cost worthwhile.
Your author has the benefit of being associated with CNA and apparently qualifies as a client of NCIB for INDEX information.