NCIHNorth Carolina Information Highway
NCIHNational Council for International Health (now Global Health Council)
NCIHNo Chance In Hell
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Few North Carolina politicians, businessmen or citizens will debate the merits of the NCIH project.
The IRMC's involvement with the NCIH project has only heightened vendor interest in the commission's meetings.
The IRMC architecture committee has and will continue to be an approving authority for the NCIH project.
The current NCSG telecommunications jungle is only one impetus for the NCIH project.
A number of other smaller pilot programs in addition to those outlined above were designed to assess the viability of the NCIH program in terms of technology and applicability.
In January 1994, Jane Patterson and Rufus Edmisten announced the first 106 NCSG sites to take a ride on the NCIH.
The reason centers primarily around financing, which is one of the key challenges to the NCIH.
The combined use of these SONET standards and ATM switching technology in the NCIH project will place North Carolina as a clear leader in rapid transmission technology.
The areas initially targeted by Patterson and the NCIH committee are education, health care and crime control.
BellSouth commissioned a WEFA study to define quantitatively what the NCIH could mean to the state's economy.
According to John Killebrew, Sales Manager for BellSouth's NCIH project, Freightliner is only the first in a long line of customers who have been waiting for this tariff update and are now clamoring to take a ride on the highway.
The first demonstration exhibits how the NCIH is used as a transport medium for distance learning applications.