NCIHCNational Council on Interpreting in Health Care
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Member of T&I organizations (IMIA, NCIHC, ATA, FIT)
The Massachusetts' Medical Interpreters Association, the California Health Interpreters Association, and the NCIHC are in the process of developing state certification programs (NCIHC, 2001).
Interpreter perspectives may be viewed along a continuum from neutral to active (Cheng 1991, 1998; NCIHC, 2001).
In this case, the interpreter considers any other possible barriers to the communicative interaction, such as gender, class, religion, and/or social differences (Cheng, 1998; NCIHC, 2001).
In contrast, the American national ethics and standards for medical interpreting, published by NCIHC in 2004 and 2005, focus solely on the medical context, yet these ethics and standards are broadly applied in community interpreting as well.
NCIHC (National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare), 2004.
Providing stepping-stones to certification, MMIA, CHIA, and NCIHC have all undertaken work developing codes of ethics, standards of practice, or certification pilot programs.
Throughout 2006 and 2007, NCIHC held twelve national forums on certification.
Representatives from NCIHC, CHIA and IMIA and other organizations attended the Expert Panel meeting.