NCIIANational Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance
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Mehta K, Semali L, Fleishman A and A Maretzki "Leveraging Indigenous Knowledge to foster Developmental Entrepreneurship", NCIIA Annual Conference, Alexandria, March 2011
Innovations nurtured by NCIIA are transforming lives, from life-saving medical interventions to environmentally sustainable solutions.
For the first time, the NCIIA plans to present the Sustainable Practice Impact Award, in partnership with The Lemelson Foundation, recognizing companies or an individual who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in developing clean technologies; implementing sustainable practices in their businesses; or providing exceptional education opportunities to university students.
The NCIIA workshops help entrepreneurs to fine tune their new business efforts to make the leap from idea to a true venture," said Brad Burke, managing director of the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship.
These student leaders have spearheaded substantial projects that are helping to shape their ecosystems," says Humera Fasihuddin, program manager at NCIIA.
Media Contact Information: Holly Mott NCIIA hmott@nciia.
The NCIIA announced the winners of the 2012 BMEidea biomedical engineering competition for university students
This year's student teams demonstrate the potential of university innovators to positively impact health care practice on a global scale," said Phil Weilerstein, Executive Director of the NCIIA.
Open Minds is a celebration of the achievements of NCIIA grantees who have successfully competed for early-stage seed funding.
I2V is a program of the NCIIA with sponsorship from the Lemelson Foundation and the Kauffman Foundation.
Faculty and undergraduate and graduate students at colleges and universities across the country are encouraged to apply for NCIIA funding, training, and recognition opportunities for their socially-minded entrepreneurship and invention in science, engineering, business, medical and design programs.
NEW YORK, June 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the NCIIA presented cash prizes to three university biomedical engineering teams in recognition of their leading work in the field.