NCILNational Council on Independent Living (Arlington, VA, USA)
NCILNational Centre for Independent Living (UK)
NCILNiagara Centre for Independent Living (Canada)
NCILNorthern Colorado Idea Lab (Loveland, CO)
NCILNeuroCognitive Imaging Laboratory (Halifax, NS, Canada)
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NCIL is the longest-running national disability organization working across lines of age and disability.
NCIL estimates there are between 350 and 375 ILCs in the US.
To locate one in your community, call your local Society chapter, contact the NCIL (see below), or call the Independent Living Resource Utilization Program at 713-520-0232, which keeps a complete list of ILCS in the United States.
So, with NCIL taking a strong lead, we mapped out a different Rehabilitation Act and did so early in the reauthorization process.
1999), the Supreme Court decision, because it would increase 'unjustified segregation of persons with disabilities[which] constitutes discrimination in violation of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act,' " said Kelly Buckland, executive director of NCIL.
In fact, Pew has rejected the idea of even sitting down at a table with disability advocates from NCIL to discuss practical reasons for their inclusion in polling.
For the millions of Americans of all ages and disabilities who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices routine travel presents a significant obstacle, even 20 years after the Americans With Disabilities Act became law," said NCIL Executive Director Kelly Buckland, who spoke at the event.
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