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NCINNational Cancer Intelligence Network (UK)
NCINNorth Carolina Information Network (library organization)
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Hamid added that a part of this capital will be specified for required maintenance and amendments to Fairmont Hotels, whose Egyptian branches are owned by NCIN.
In addition to a $10,000 scholarship, NCIN scholars receive other support to help them meet the demands of an accelerated degree program.
Programs that tie foundation funding to a diversity goal are not unusual, but Bourgault says NCIN provided the "extra push" the College of Nursing needed to improve its diverse student recruitment efforts.
People from underprivileged backgrounds are also more likely to suffer late diagnosis, inequalities in treatments offered, and are reluctant to attend cancer screening programmes, according to the NCIN.
Prof David Forman, director of NYCRIS and information lead for the NCIN, said: "It's really encouraging that more people with bowel cancer will now be successfully treated, if the disease is caught at the earliest stage.
The NCIN looked at every case of bowel cancer diagnosed in England between 1996 and 2006, and at the percentage of people who survived for five years or longe r.
The findings are part of a report from the NCIN, Cancer Research UK and the Men's Health Forum.
NCIN chairman Professor Sir Alex Ma rkham also backed recent anti-smoking initiatives.
David Lo, CEO, stated, "The effect of the filing of Form 10SB will bring NCIN into the sphere of publicly-held companies with annual, quarterly and other SEC required filings.
Professor Henrik Moller, head of analysis and research at NCIN, said: "Our findings challenge the commonly-held view that most men with prostate cancer will die with the disease rather than from it.
University of Leeds Prof David Forman from NCIN said: 'These figures show there is still much more that needs to be done.