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NCKNarodowe Centrum Kultury (Polish: National Cultural Center)
NCKNetwork Computing Kernel
NCKNeck (street suffix)
NCKNetwork Control Key (cellular telecommunications)
NCKNorth Central Kansas
NCKNowohuckie Centrum Kultury (Polish: Nowa Huta Cultural Center; Nowa Huta, Cracow, Poland)
NCKNetwork Computing Kernel (software)
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The KHWIS captured data on all nurses in Kenya who have ever been registered by the NCK.
72-acre development was acquired for $460,000 in December 2006 from NCK LLC, led by Linda Koubek.
ROTA NCK plus precision power chucks feature large through holes, improved lubrication systems, high clamping repeatability, and compatibility with a range of existing machining centers.
Nck Barmby (hamstring) remains sidelined but defender Andy Dawson is available.
He and Mick, who run NCK Property Services, did nothing to their new aquisition for a few months until they felt they'd formed the right idea about how to do it up.
Mechanism of Regulation of WAVE1-induced Actin Nucleation by Rac1 y Nck.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of the existing Dyno Controller (Quidong/ NCK 2000),Supply of Vertical Cabinet/ Rack (for mounting newly supplied Dyno Controller & existing Fuel Consumption Meter, Industrial PC and Indicators)
Uno de sus principales anunciantes era Colgate, de cuya publicidad estaba encargada la agencia Ciesa NCK.
Kenya's Chief Nursing Officer, the highest-ranking nurse within the MOH, and the NCK Chair codirected committee deliberations thereby ensuring national ownership and buy-in with the project.
Nck, Ash, and phospholipase C [gamma]-binding protein 4 and brain angiogenesis inhibitor-3) and metamorph (i.
30pm), Ian Brumby v John Gallagher (7pm); WED: Nck Walker v Paul Clarke (10am), Jason Barton v Lee Dagher (2.