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NCKNarodowe Centrum Kultury (Polish: National Cultural Center)
NCKNeck (street suffix)
NCKNetwork Control Key (cellular telecommunications)
NCKNorth Central Kansas
NCKNowohuckie Centrum Kultury (Polish: Nowa Huta Cultural Center; Nowa Huta, Cracow, Poland)
NCKNetwork Computing Kernel (software)
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The KHWIS captured data on all nurses in Kenya who have ever been registered by the NCK.
The database system consists of two main components: (1) supply data on all nurses maintained at the NCK and (2) MOH and privately employed worksite data on individual nurses at pilot sites.
Another transcript (798 bp) that revealed a potential increase in expression following 1 nM OP treatment was 89% identical to human Nck, Ash, and phospholipase C [gamma]-binding protein 4 (NAP4).
30pm), Ian Brumby v John Gallagher (7pm); WED: Nck Walker v Paul Clarke (10am), Jason Barton v Lee Dagher (2.
The companies were brought down by the failure of NCK Cranes which has been closed down and is expected to go into liquidation later this month.
Comic Harry Hill will become only the second ever guest editor of The Beano - after animator Nck Park - for the Red Nose Day edition.
Maybe it is no coincidence that Nck Henry was absent for both this game and the match at Brentford.
It has faced serious cashflow problems since taking over Ipswich-based NCK Cranes four years ago.
Tenders are invited for Nck Battery 6Fc 5247/Oaa Suitable For Monitor Of Vtl Cnc Wheel Turning Lathe Machine.
s re rgh in r after ncks ancer aged The first Maggie's cancer caring centre opened in Edinburgh 1996, almost a year Maggie Keswick Jencks died from breast cancer 53.