NCKPNorthern California Kaiser Permanente
NCKPNational Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy
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Preliminary data from both NCKP and from Minnesota, a state participating in one of the CDC studies, suggested a similar elevated risk for intussusception within the first week after RRV-TV vaccination (4).
In response to the VAERS reports, a preliminary analysis of data from an ongoing postlicensure study at NCKP was performed, and a multistate investigation was initiated to determine whether an association exists between administration of RRV-TV and intussusception in infants.
The NCKP Committee on Pianists' Wellness authored the "Piano Pedagogy Wellness Curriculum," which was published in the 2003 NCKP Conference Proceedings.
BB: In the 2001 NCKP and in MTNA Pedagogy Saturdays, the emphasis has been on music education for all students, not just the most gifted.
She has served MTNA as Nebraska Competitions chair, poster session chair and frequently presents for MTNA, NCKP, and international conferences.
A presenter at MTNA and NCKP conferences, her articles have appeared in Keyboard Companion.
Ajero has written for American Music Teacher, presented at NCKP and the MTNA National Conference, and hosts The Piano Podcast.