NCLBNo Child Left Behind (US education initiative)
NCLBNorthern Corn Leaf Blight
NCLBNational Civil Liberties Bureau (now American Civil Liberties Union)
NCLBNo Community Left Behind (est. 2005; Ottawa, Canada)
NCLBNon-Contributing Land Base (forestry land designation; Canada)
NCLBNew Contented Little Baby (book)
NCLBNo Code Left Behind (computer code)
NCLBNational Charities Lottery Board (UK)
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The USDOE, the USDOJ and the American Correctional Association have recognized Florida's system of juvenile justice education as an exemplary state system that embodies the major components of NCLB.
Specifically in New York, the Department of Education increased funding under NCLB to $8.
Ohio legislators were also involved in writing NCLB in a manner that gives unprecedented support for market-driven charter schools.
NCLB has been extremely controversial from its inception.
Our basic insight is that the test-based accountability provisions that are the defining characteristic of NCLB did not come from nowhere, but rather were modeled quite closely on reforms adopted by many states in the 1990s.
At this point, 60% of Americans say they are either very or somewhat familiar with NCLB, with 14% saying they are not familiar at all with it.
The plaintiffs alleged that in the years following the enactment of NCLB, Congress had not provided states and districts with sufficient federal funds to comply fully with the law.
One significant problem is that NCLB testing policies inadvertently have weakened state-level exams and academic transparency.
6% per year before NCLB to a yearly growth rate of 2.
Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings said in a statement that the findings provide evidence to reauthorize NCLB.