NCLDNational Center for Learning Disabilities
NCLDNational Consortium on Leadership and Disability for Youth (Institute for Educational Leadership; Washington, DC)
NCLDNeonatal Chronic Lung Disease
NCLDNational Center for Law and Deafness
NCLDNational Clandestine Laboratory Database (Australian Crime Commission; Australia)
NCLDNon-Cirrhotic Liver Damage (alcohol studies)
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6) The pilot study was performed with a disk diffusion bioassay and Kocuria rhizophila, formerly classified as Micrococcus luteus (American Type Culture Collection 9341), but a better sensitivity and precision was desired; therefore, a high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrophotometer method was developed that achieved these objectives in addition to separation of clindamycin and its active metabolites, NCLD and clindamycin sulfoxide.
LD Online, LDA, NCLD, Schwab Learning, CLD, and DLD) suggested that when students exhibit signs of LD, they should receive increasingly intensive instruction based on research-based practices, and their response to this instruction is to be monitored.
In addition to a cash award of $5,000 from NCLD and gift certificates from two publishers, the school will receive five complimentary licenses of Kurzweil 3000, the premier reading, writing and learning software for struggling students, as well as complimentary support services from Kurzweil Educational Systems.
In addition to honoring a teacher with the Bill Ellis Teacher Preparation Award, Kurzweil Educational Systems partners with the NCLD in recognizing a school that has made significant strides in supporting learning disabilities with the Pete and Carrie Rozelle Award, and a high school senior with an identified learning disability who has excelled in the classroom and plans to pursue a four-year undergraduate degree with the Anne Ford Scholar Award.
In addition, she met or exceeded the many scholarship criteria established by the NCLD including: a commitment to completing a college degree program, an understanding of the effects of learning disabilities and the importance of self-advocacy, as well as a belief in contributing to society in a way that increases the potential of all people with learning disabilities.
Believing that IDEA is in need of major reforms, NCLD created the site to enable parents to communicate directly with their Congressional representatives at this crucial time in the IDEA legislative process.
While NCLD hosted this initiative for the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), no individual or organizational authorship attribution was intended for any part of the report.
In addition, CLD is currently participating in an NJCLD roundtable process facilitated by NCLD and funded by OSEP.
NFO Research Incorporated of Greenwich, Connecticut, upon instigation of the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), conducted a survey among parents and teachers who were NCLD members (no doubt a biased selection), as well as members of the Learning Disabilities Association of America.
These papers, as well as the others presented are also available for free download at the NCLD Web site and an archived Webcast of the entire summit event can be viewed through http://www.
This research synthesis was funded by the NCLD [C] All rights reserved.