NCLEHANational Conference of Local Environmental Health Administrators (Michigan)
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As a representative of CCDEH and NCLEHA, he has been a part of numerous work groups sponsored by CDC, the California State Legislature, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.
has had formal working relationships and represents NEHA on working committees of other national organizations such as NACCHO, ASTHO, NALBOH, APHA, APHL, CSTE, AEHAP, NCSL, ALA, ICMA, CFA, ELI, NaCO, NOWRA, IFEH, AWWA, ECOS, NAWT, APA, NCLEHA, CIPHI, PSR, and SNA.
He has authored numerous articles--for, among others, the FEHA and NEHA journals, the NCLEHA Newsletter, the New Zealand Journal of Environmental Health, and the Environmental News Digest.