NCLINo Child Left Inside (Connecticut Department of Environment Protection)
NCLINational Conservation Leadership Institute (Shepherdstown, WV)
NCLINational Chemical Laboratory for Industry (Japan)
NCLINew China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
NCLINational Council of Light Industry (China)
NCLINational Community Leadership Institute (Singapore)
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Effects of NCLI (2%) and MCLI (2%) on the growth performance of broilers
In the present study, the results presented in Table 2 show that adding NCLI and MCLI to the diets of broilers fro m 1 to 42 d of age produced no significant differences in terms of BWG, F/G.
Effects of NCLI and MCLI on the relative length, weights of intestine and morphology (^m) of intestinal mucosa in broilers
The effects of dietary NCLI and MCLI on the relative length and weight of small intestine in broilers are shown in Table 3.
05) than those of the control group and NCLI group.
The present study showed change in the relative weight of the jejunum in birds fed with NCLI or MCLI supplemented diet (p<0.
Effects of NCLI (2%) and MCLI (2%) on the activities of digestive enzymes of the intestinal contents in broilers (U/g)
As shown in Table 5, NCLI and MCLI had an effect on digestive enzyme activities of duodenum content.
In the present experiment, supplementation with NCLI and MCLI could significant improved the activities of the digestive enzymes in the small intestinal contents (p<0.