NCLIDNational Center on Low-Incidence Disabilities
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2% fewer students with visual impairments scored at state-defined levels of proficiency or higher in reading, and nearly 20% of the test-taking students with visual impairments scored lower than sighted students in mathematics (National Center for Low Incidence Disabilities, NCLID, 2004).
No research has been conducted on the participation of students with visual impairments in the core curriculum, even though some outcome measures (scores on achievement tests, employment statistics, and the completion of postsecondary education) for students with visual impairments are poor compared to those of sighted students (Florida Department of Education, 2004; NCLID, 2004; U.
1992), coupled with the NCLID (2004) data supporting low levels of proficiency on state-mandated reading and mathematics tests, implies otherwise.