NCLISNational Commission On Libraries and Information Science
NCLISNational Council for Languages and International Studies
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Bill Rivers, Executive Director of NCLIS, said, "The language enterprise employs much more than linguists.
He is active in the Library of Congress National Library Services Western Regional Library Group (vice chair/chair-elect); a member of the Chinese American Librarians Association; and was active in COSLA, NCLIS, and many territorial library, university, and government organizations.
The NCLIS found that in the last two years, Internet connectivity in public libraries has increased from 83 percent of libraries being connected to over 95 percent.
Wu was the first Chinese American woman appointed to the NCLIS commission.
Young served as the executive director of NCLIS from 1990 to 1997 and now is the chief of the Cataloging Distribution Service at the Library of Congress.
National support for Native American libraries: The NCLIS commitment.
On March 10, 1992, Roslyn Rosen, president of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), joined with twenty-six other people representing organizations for libraries, information services, education, and public and human services in addressing the NCLIS forum on recommendations from the 1991 WHCLIS.