NCLMNorth Carolina League of Municipalities
NCLMNetwork Controller/License Manager (software; Centurion Technologies)
NCLMNodular Cutaneous Lupus Mucinosis (dermatology)
NCLMNon-Classical Logic Model (computing)
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Prior to joining NCLM as director of intergovernmental programs in 1980, he worked for six years as a water quality project director for the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina.
NCLM is a statewide association of more than 520 cities, towns and villages in North Carolina.
By creating a consolidated policy administration and underwriting system with NavRisk, the NCLM underwriting division now has a comprehensive way to rate and capture exposure information, manage all member contacts and data, and document processes and procedures.
With NavRisk we have an integrated and flexible system built on the latest technology that enables us to analyze and report information to our finance and claims departments and our reinsurance brokers saving us time and reducing our paperwork," said Mark Rockett, underwriting manager for NCLM.