NCMBNorth Carolina Medical Board (est. 1859; Raleigh, NC)
NCMBNational Conciliation and Mediation Board (Quezon City, Philippines)
NCMBNational Catholic Ministry to the Bereaved (est. 1990; St. Louis, MO)
NCMBNorth Country Mortgage Bank
NCMBNational Collection of Marine Bacteria (Torry Research Station; Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)
NCMBNon Conformance Monitoring Board (engineering industry)
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PAL likewise manifested before the NCMB the existence of intra-union cases filed by various PALEA members questioning the validity and legality of the recent elections of certain union officers.
The sheer presence of a large number of IT companies gives you the ability to sell to them as well as to the federal government," says Garrett of the NCMB.
The union was ready to declare a strike if the exploratory talks, which the NCMB and the Office of the Labor and Employment Secretary immediately conducted, failed.
Ubaldo said it took the NCMB an average of only 25 days to settle each of the 11 requests for assistance through conciliation-mediation conferences, way below the mandated 30 days.
The NCMB is asking its members to blanket congressional leaders and White House administrators with phone calls, letters, e-mails and faxes stating their demands.
NexGen's Howlette says that minority- and women-owned businesses have had a major impact on this administration, which has met regularly with members of the NCMB.
Winning this award in such a highly competitive industry signifies that Ford has gone "above and beyond" its efforts to maximize minority participation in all elements of its business, the NCMB said.
We are privileged that the NCMB chose Ford as an Automotive Company of the Year and has recognized our success," said Hall.
Following a keynote speech by President Bill Clinton, the NCMB recognized companies from different industries, including the auto industry, for their continued relationships with minority businesses.