NCMHNational Commission on Macroeconomics and Health
NCMHNational Centre for Macromolecular Hydrodynamics (University of Nottingham; England, UK)
NCMHNorth Carolina Memorial Hospital
NCMHNorthern Centre for Mental Health (UK)
NCMHNational Council for Mental Health (Sri Lanka)
NCMHNormal Cubic Meter Per Hour (air flow)
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Founded by NCMH in 2012, the George Matsumoto Prize is named to honor the architect who designed many exemplary mid-century Modernist houses in North Carolina, and who serves as honorary jury chair each year.
There are some other items in the law that proved to be inapplicable, according to the NCMH.
Meyer was also involved in the founding of the NCMH and would intellectually influence the mental hygiene movement through his theory of psychobiology, which posited that personalities could be known through observing how individuals organized themselves.
15) NCMH is "the focal technical and advisory body for
The histologic features of case 9, called congenital mesenchymoma, were indistinguishable from those of NCMH.
This year, the American Institute of Architects awarded NCMH Executive Director George Smart its Institute Honors for Collaborative and Professional Achievement Award.
The Cebu-born doctor was taken on a tour of NCMH - 35 pavilions housing 3,000 patients on a daily budget of P157 each.
Economic burden of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, NCMH Background Papers--Burden of disease in India;264-270.
Medical personnel and a whole-child approach that stressed mental hygiene dominated the 1930 Conference, which featured demonstrations by the NCMH on how to prevent mental illness (Richardson 1989).
Standard output units include: lbs/hr, SCFM, Kg/hr, and NCMH.