NCMHCENational Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination
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To assure the competence of independent counselor practitioners, the TRICARE report recommended that licensed counselors who graduate from CACREP-accredited programs and pass the higher level NCMHCE be permitted independent practice in TRICARE.
To provide services under the new TRICARE regulations, applicants must have graduated from CACREP-accredited programs and passed the NCMHCE.
As licensing boards adopt a mental health specialty examination, such as the NCMHCE, it emphasizes that knowledge of clinical practice is essential to qualify for licensure.
Required CACREP accreditation and NCMHCE passage after Dec.
Pass the NCMHCE or its successor as determined by TRICARE; and
The rule also expresses TRICARE's commitment to ensuring that the high-quality standards recommended by the IOM are adopted, but agency officials understand that the availability of CACREP-accredited mental health counseling training programs and the use of the NCMHCE as a quality standard are not yet widespread.
Over the years, PTI (the Psychotherapists Training Institute) has trained hundreds of potential licensees to pass the NCMHCE.
One of the biggest obstacles is that the NCMHCE exam design is unfamiliar to most of us.