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As expected, the mean NCMI score (aggregated over 1999-2002) for new admits (0.
There was a more salient increase in the MDS-based RUG-III NCMI score in response to states' switching to case-mix payment, by 2.
Based on the CMS proposed FY 2004 rates (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 2003), a 1 percent increase above the NCMI of 0.
The NCMI system instruments the different combat systems and stimulates superimposed detections of virtual targets while displaying actual detections on the operational systems.
BVR Systems' CEO, Ilan Gillies, commented: "We are proud and honored to receive this contract that will serve to further enhance our NCMI system.
BVR Systems' Chief Executive Officer, Yoel Katzir, commented that the NCMI system is one of the most advanced naval training and debriefing systems available and is the only known training system that provides for full scale confederated training at sea.
NCMI is the fixed-income and investment banking subsidiary of NationsBank with approximately $538 million in regulatory capital.
Cauthen of Service Corporation, 713-525-5470; Holders may from time to time obtain information regarding the offers by calling NCMI collect at 704-388-4813, attention: Simon Morgan or Jonah Hirsch.
The ACES securities ultimately will be sold by NCMI.
The mortgages will be originated by four lenders in a cooperative venture with NCMI, NationsBank's secondary market conduit.
Roger Hayes will serve as Regional Executive Southeast and President, NCMI.