NCMRRNational Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research
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NCMRR is part of the much larger National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, whose overall mission focuses on developmental processes.
NCMRR, NICHD's third center, currently has an annual budget of $10 million, a 36% increase over the past year.
Organizationally, NCMRR has a basic-research branch and an applied-research branch.
Given these priorities, NCMRR has initiated a number of specific research and training initiatives.
Second, as a result, virtually the only way NCMRR has been able to fund grants has been through special, defined research initiatives, which are subjected to different review procedures and do not face the preceding problems.
Third, even though Congress mandated NCMRR, due to NIH hiring and staffing freezes the center has been unable to adequately staff to effectively meet its mission.