NCNANational Council of Nonprofit Associations
NCNANorth Carolina Nurses Association
NCNANational Council for a New America (political movement)
NCNANew China News Agency
NCNANorth Carolina Numismatic Association
NCNANational Career Networking Association
NCNANational Council on Noise Abatement
NCNANorthern California Nursing Academy (Daly City, CA)
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Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) described NCNA as "a caucus of Congressional leaders gathering the expertise of national leaders and doers in an effort to rebuild and rebrand the Republican Party.
Delaney interviewed before the full NCNA board the night before being introduced during an NCNA membership meeting as members gathered for the second Nonprofit Congress at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in Washington, D.
NCNA has not had a problem with staff going around Moore in an attempt to bring issues directly to the members in leadership, but in case this ever happens, the leadership is trained to handle the situation.
NCNA was eyeing SNPO's Nonprofit World, a bi-monthly magazine for its 3,500 members, as a resource for members but instead will pursue another "communication tool as a joint venture between state associations," Alvarado said.
Tecker is shown here with the participants from NCNA, President-Elect Sandra Randleman, and Executive Director Hazel Browning Moore.
NCNA director Mary Lee Stapleton called on the government stop ignoring this high growth area.
The Nonprofit Congress will meet again in the spring of 2008 and in the meantime, said Erica Greeley, NCNA deputy director, she implored delegates to share their stories with the sector, the public and government.
Other organizations in Washington do a good job representing large nonprofits and foundations, but except for NCNA, small nonprofits lack representation, said Jane Van Buren, executive director of the Vermont Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations (VANO).
Michael Weekes, board chairman of the NCNA, confirmed that talks had ended.
So far in 2005, 15 state legislatures have either introduced or approved 24 bills dealing with nonprofits while in all of 2004, 19 states introduced or approved a total of 21 bills, according to NCNA.
When NCNA asked nonprofits for important agenda items, they overwhelmingly replied, it's the "Budget, Stupid.