NCNBNorth Carolina National Bank (became NationsBank)
NCNBNational Center for Nonprofit Boards (Washington, DC)
NCNBNon-Comment, Non-Blank (lines of code)
NCNBNever Captain Nicky Butt (soccer and fantasy soccer blog)
NCNBNobody Cares Nobody Bothers
NCNBNorthern Colorado Nitro Burners (California boat racing)
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Our shareholders that elect Glacier stock will benefit from a highly liquid stock that has had a long history of paying dividends, said NCNB Board Chairman John McQuaig.
The 15,000 NCNB member base will benefit from the changes, said O'Connor, because they'll be able to track their own accounts online.
As soon as he deposited Spratt's check in his personal NCNB account, McColl shook hands with the real estate agent and handed over the largest check he had ever written on that account.
NCNB went into Florida in 1981, South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland in 1986, and Texas in 1988.
At the NCNB Plaza, management uses the criterion of competitiveness to choose retailers.
NCNB stresses that all directors must participate in the discussion and ultimate decision on CEO selection and compensation, even if they delegate the initial process to a few directors or a search firm.
1973), rev'g and remd'g TC Memo 1972-43, and NCNB Corp.
6 billion-asset SunTrust, Williams heads Atlanta's most respected bank--although the city's biggest bank is NationsBank, the product of merged C&S/Sovran and NCNB.
s 10-year, $10 billion community lending agreement that was reached last August after it announced its merger with NCNB Corp.
Taking a slightly different path to servicing expansion, NCNB Mortgage Corporation, bit off about a $9.
The 111 Center Street Limited Partnership obtained financing for the current deal from NCNB Texas National Bank, which acquired the Rogers' note from First RepublicBank.