NCNDNon-Circumvention Non-Disclosure (agreement)
NCNDNeither Confirm Nor Deny (diplomatic speech)
NCNDNational Center for Nutrition and Dietetics
NCNDNorth Capitol Neighborhood Development (est. 1981; Washington, DC)
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0% Table 6: Focus of Analysis of Financial Accounting DT DP NCND The information value more the company as 2 2 5 a whole than the parties 5% 5% 12,5% 10% (D) The business units are valued in analysis 13 8 6 and disclosure of information 32.
Since Astatama did not have these funds, the partnership arrangement under the NCND Agreement required CKS to pay these funds on behalf of the joint partnership arrangement.
Astatama further agreed in this new MOA, to waive all their rights under the original NCND Agreement, executed with CKS, and/ or in any other existing agreement, and to relinquish those rights to GEM.