NCNENational Center for Neighborhood Enterprise
NCNENational Center on Nonprofit Enterprise (Arlington, VA)
NCNENational Center for Network Engineering (Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA)
NCNENewfoundland Club of New England (est. 1969)
NCNENational Commission for Nomadic Education
NCNENational Certification of Network Engineer (China)
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com ; or Heather Humphries of NCNE, +1-202-518-6500, or hhumphries@ncne.
For more information on the NCNE call (202) 518-6500.
The VFZ initiative was started by the NCNE in Washington, D.
NCNE has provided training and technical assistance to more than 2000 leaders of neighborhood organizations in 39 states.
NCNE's first book, "Effective Economic Decision-making by Nonprofit Organizations," will be launched on Friday, Jan 16, 2004 at 5:00-6:00PM at the Washington Marriott, the venue for the conference, Editor and NCNE President Dennis Young, PhD, and publisher Rick Schoff of the Foundation Center, will introduce the book.
CONTACT: Sarah Masters, Director of Programs, of NCNE, +1-703-993-4994, sarah@nationalcne.
Members of NCNE have access to information on issues including pricing of services, investments, staff compensation, fund-raising and starting business ventures.