NCNMNational College of Naturopathic Medicine
NCNMNorthCoast Nuclear Medicine (Queensland, Australia)
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Founded in Portland in 1956, NCNM is the oldest accredited naturopathic medical school in North America and an educational leader in classical Chinese medicine and CAM research.
We are deeply indebted to the school's founding professor, Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, and Dean Laurie Regan, PhD, and our renowned faculty, through whose efforts NCNM is fanning the embers of passion once again for the ancient practice of Chinese medicine --to the benefit of patients throughout the US.
The NCCIH awards are gratifying--not only because of the recognition from our federal government for the value of our research, but also for furthering our ability to help NCNM students develop the skills they need to contribute to the evidence-base of natural medicine," Schleich said.
NCNM researchers will introduce MBSR to study participants as an 8-week program consisting of weekly 2-hour classes in meditation, breath work, yoga, self-reflection and awareness.
Recognizing that research in CIH requires a multidisciplinary approach, NCNM and UW have combined their expertise in research, clinical care, and CIH to create an immersive clinical research training program that will foster collaboration and respect among a variety of medical and research disciplines.
NCNM thanks the NCCIH for generously supporting these two research training programs (Senders K23-1K23AT008211 and Zwickey R90-1R90AT008924).
As integrative medicine expands into hospitals and clinics throughout the country, it becomes ever more necessary for NCNM and other educational institutions to provide accessible pathways for future students in graduate and doctoral medical programs.
In speaking about the programmatic changes at the nearly 60-year-old institution, NCNM President David J.
In just a few short years NCNM has grown from a two-program college into the exemplary medical college it is today, with seven diverse doctoral and master's program offerings within our three distinct schools of medical education.
David Schleich has played a major role in the renaissance of NCNM during his past seven years as president.
The books are called the Hevert Collection and are the main publication of the NCNM Press.