NCNPNational Center of Neurology and Psychiatry (Japan)
NCNPNational Congress for New Politics (political party; South Korea)
NCNPNorth Cascades National Park (US NPS; Washington)
NCNPNishball, Carp, Niedermeier, Pacowta (Connecticut)
NCNPNorth Carolina Newspaper Project
NCNPNo Cure No Pay
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On the other hand, Park Ji-won, spokesperson of the lead opposition NCNP, said that "the government and ruling party would suffer people's harsh judgement if [they] repeat the time-honoured habit of exploiting foreign affairs [the Dokdo issue] and the inter-Korea issue for the general election.
Soon after the initial diplomatic clash between Seoul and Tokyo, four major Korean political parties (the ruling NKP, the NCNP, the Democratic Party, and the United Liberal Democrats [ULD]) would join the fray over the Dokdo issue.
During the 1997 presidential election campaign, then ULD leader and candidate Kim Jong Pil agreed with then NCNP presidential candidate Kim Dae Jung to amend the Constitution by the end of this year and switch to the parliamentary cabinet system.
The entire NCNP leadership resigned Thursday in a move which Kim Young Bae said at that time was designed to give Kim Dae Jung, the NCNP leader, more maneuvering room to handle the current political stalemate.
While the stalemate between the NCNP and its coalition partner, the United Liberal Democrats (ULD) ostensibly concerns the appointment of a special prosecutor, the real conflict lies in a delay in the implementation of a ULD- backed parliamentary cabinet system, political analysts say.
The NCNP, headed by President Kim, has 101 seats in the legislature and the ULD 52.
Two NPP members who are not in the National Assembly -- Lee himself and Rhee In Je -- will also join the NCNP, the report said.
During Monday's National Assembly session, lawmakers also filled posts of two vice National Assembly Speakers, one from the ruling NCNP and the other from the GNP.
Before the poll, the GNP had 147 seats in the 299-member unicameral legislature, the NCNP had 86 and the ULD had 48.
The election results increased the number of GNP seats to 151 in the 299-member unicameral legislature, while the NCNP has 88 and the ULD 49.
The NCNP is confident that some lawmakers from the main opposition and majority Grand National Party (GNP) will leave their party, breaking the GNP's slim parliamentary majority.
The NCNP and the ULD won races in Cholla and Chungchong provinces, which are their traditional stronghold.