NCNPRNational Center for Natural Products Research (University of Mississippi)
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The NCNPR is housed in the Thad Cochran Research Center, a state-of-the-art facility that provides pivotal infrastructure for a school-wide research enterprise.
The development of the NCNPR illustrates how an essential combination of vision, leadership, state and university support, a creative scientific community, long-term commitment, and an investment in infrastructure can lead to successful scientific and technological enterprises.
Research activities at the NCNPR cover a broad range of activities that include a natural products discovery and development program, with both pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications.
As a result of its research activities, the NCNPR has six active license agreements as of July, 2004, and four of these agreements currently generate revenue for the center.
The second aspect relevant to future biomedical research ventures is that the NCNPR has accumulated both capital-intensive core research instrumentation and talented personnel required to productively exploit this instrumentation.
Established in 1993, NCNPR is the nation's only university research center devoted to improving human health and agricultural productivity through the discovery, development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and dietary supplements derived from plants, marine organisms and other natural products.
Professor Ikhlas Khan, PhD, associate director of the NCNPR at the University of Mississippi, said, "John is[a] well established authority in natural products.