NCNSNative Council of Nova Scotia (est. 1974; Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada)
NCNSNo Call/No Show
NCNSNorwood Cooperative Nursery School (Norwood, MA)
NCNSNo Complications, No Sequelae (used to show no current effects of a previous condition)
NCNSNuestra Comunidad, Nuestra Salud (Spanish: Our Community, Our Health; Arizona)
NCNSNeuroscience Clinical Nurse Specialist
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The CRCHC and NCNS collaboratively supported a writers' group, promoted one another's research activities on a joint website, and explored the development of joint databases and a mechanism to conduct mock reviews of grant proposals.
Meetings (weekly during the summer and bi-weekly during the academic year) were conducted from Wyoming's NCNS with support from Montana's CRCHC for the teleconference connection and website.