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NCONon-Commissioned Officer (military)
NCONetwork Centric Operations
NCONCEP Central Operations
NCONumerically Controlled Oscillator
NCONavy College Office
NCONo-Contact Order
NCONet Charge-Offs
NCONational Children's Orchestra (UK)
NCONoncombat Operations
NCONational Chamber Orchestra
NCONumber of Calls Offered (call centers)
NCONephenzy Chaos Order (band)
NCOnon-covered officer (US CIA)
NCONet Control Officer
NCONegotiated Consent Order
NCONational Collection Office, Inc (Horsham, PA)
NCONuclear Control Operator
NCONational Coordination Office for the HPCC Program
NCONusantara Chamber Orchestra (Indonesia)
NCONEPA Compliance Office(r)
NCONigeria Country Office (Kaduna, Nigera)
NCONational Capital Orchestra (formerly the Canberra Community Orchestra)
NCONeighborhood Compliance Officer
NCONo Cost Option (various companies)
NCONorwegian Chamber Orchestra (Norway)
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Proficiency (informal evaluation)--the student can solve the problem or execute the task with some assistance: the aid of another NCO or officer, a checklist, decision aid, or a manual.
This was probably because the less cross-linked structure of adhesive with lower NCO content tended to fail within the adhesive material itself.
Time and again, our senior NCOs have been placed into positions of responsibility for which they were not specifically prepared.
As the first NCO to pilot the program, I helped make some adjustments to the program.
I sat with the NCOs and soldiers and heard the plan.
The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine must ensure professional development and proper equipment of NCOs contractors.
NCOs are coming here to learn more about their MOS and to add to their leadership abilities.
It will be great experience and I am really excited to be sharing it with all my friends at NCO.
The American Army had to rebuild the NCO corps after 10 years of conflict in Vietnam where a large number of NCOs were either killed in action or got out," Meyers said.
NDTA needs their expertise, and is actively formulating; ways to increase NCO presence at every level from Chapter to National Headquarters.