NCOENATO Common Operating Environment
NCOENetwork Channel Office Equipment
NCOENorris City-Omaha-Enfield High School (Norris City, IL)
NCOENavy Center of Excellence
NCOENAVWAR Common Operating Environment
NCOENet-Centric Operations Environment
NCOENational Commission on Entrepreneurship
NCOENational Center of Excellence (various locations)
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As derived from the NCOE JIC, knowledge management is the ability to systematically discover, select, organize, distill, share, develop and use information in a social domain context to improve warfighter effectiveness.
Director of the Institute for NanoScience and Engineering Technology - NCOE - to increase the loading capacity of water-solulable polymer nanoparticles to be used for drug delivery and to make the particle size and loading consistent.
Professor & Director for the Center for Health & Disease Research - NCOE - to prepare nanoemulsions of an anti-oxidant synergistic formulation for anti-bacterial and wound-healing indications.
Finally, MFIC has made a donation to UML of Microfluidizer Processing equipment valued at $100,000, to be used primarily at the NCOE.
We are pleased to move forward at the NCOE with the initial projects under the Collaboration with MFIC and its operating subsidiary, Microfluidics Corporation.
SMALL FIRMS Acoustical suspension speakers Aerosol can Air conditioning Airplane Artificial skin Assembly line Automatic fabric cutting Bakelite Biosynthetic insulin Continuous casting Cotton picker Fluid flow meter Frozen foods Geodesic dome Gyrocompas Heart valve Heat sensor Helicopter High capacity computer Hydraulic brake Piezo electrical devices Prefabricated housing Pressure sensitive cellophane Rotary oil drilling bit Safety razor Soft contact lens Six-axis robot arm Spectographic grid Source: NCOE, Embracing Innovation: Entrepreneurship and American Economic Growth Table 2 INDUSTRY SHARE OF RURAL NONFARM WORKERS, 2001 (Percent of workers) Rural Metro Industry Private workers Self-employed Self-employed Agriculture (1) 3.
14) See NCOE (2001a) for a primer on developing entrepreneurial networks.
Chartwell Southern New England NCOE is headquartered in Connecticut.
ECI2), was unanimously inducted as the ninth NCOE Commissioner.
Jagemann, one of the nation's most successful entrepreneurs and a national leader in promoting economic development, said she intends to work with the NCOE to foster the continued growth of women-owned businesses across the country.
The NCOE, funded by the Kansas City-based Kauffman Foundation, is comprised of prominent entrepreneurs from around the country.
Paula Jagemann represents the ideal of an entrepreneur in America today," said Patrick Von Bargen, NCOE executive director.