NCOESNon-Commissioned Officer Enhancement Seminar
NCOESNon-Commissioned Officer Education System
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The effective dates for SSD to become a prerequisite for NCOES courses will change as follows:
James concludes that "ALM has enhanced all my NCO Academy instructors' ability to plan and execute training at my NCOES courses that encapsulates the student's ability to think for himself, giving him another tool for training his Soldiers when they return to their units.
NCOES will initiate a "pull-down" approach where we will pull First Sergeant Course and Battle Staff NCO Course tasks into ANCOC to create the Senior Leader Course (SLC)--training focused on military occupational specialty (MOS)/branch-specific platoon and company level operations.
This website will prepare Leaders and NCOs on NCOES expectations.
Additionally, NCOES courses utilize facilities on Fort Gordon when vacant or on off-hours to further improve asset utilization and reduce costs.
While this is certainly necessary and proper, it nonetheless creates the conditions under which new NCOs could conceivably be promoted for up to three years before ARFORGEN permits them to attend NCOES to "learn how to be an NCO"
Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) OPORD 12-001, One Army School System Implementation Plan, directed that all NCOES and MOS-T (reclassification) courses be made OASS compliant where practical so that AA reclassification mission Soldiers could attend Reserve Component (RC) MOS-T wherever a course exists.
Sending Soldiers to NCOES courses, new-equipment training, and other troop schools, such as the Battle Staff NCO and the Equal Opportunity Leaders Courses, among many others, will always be a necessary fact of Army life.
Over the past several years we have adjusted, and usually reduced the amount of time NCOs spend in NCOES courses.
Applicants should hold the rank of staff sergeant or sergeant first class, be qualified (or able to be trained) as Army basic instructors, and have completed the appropriate NCOES coursework.
Throughout the careers of all Soldiers, NCOs are required to pass through these gates in the NCOES.
He said the new NCOES curriculum will focus more on the kind of critical thinking and problem-solving skills formerly reserved for officer-level instruction.