NCOINational Competition in Organ Improvisation (American Guild of Organists)
NCOINederlands Commercieel Opleidings Instituut (Dutch: Dutch Commercial Training Institute)
NCOINational Congress on Integrity
NCOINational Committee on Inquiry (National Association of Social Workers)
NCOINorth County Orthopedics, Inc. (Missouri)
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113) The findings of the NCOI were somewhat similar to the findings of both the Darfur Commission and the Prosecutor's own later investigations.
The ICC quoting an unidentified source/witness who claimed that "following orders from the President and/or the Vice President, the final report of the NCOI omitted reference to Musa Hilal and to the documented criminal activity of Col.
To amplify the 107 by fragment, PCR was performed and the amplified products were digested using NCOI restriction enzyme.