NCOMNational Coalition Of Motorcyclists
NCOMNRL (Naval Research Laboratory) Coastal Ocean Model
NCOMNavy Coastal Ocean Model
NCOMNorth Carolina Odyssey of the Mind (academic tournament)
NCOMNational Congress of Mothers (forerunner of PTA)
NCOMNCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) CSM (Climate System Model) Ocean Model (oceanography)
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In addition, the passing of ocean current information from NCOM to SWAN further improved the TC wave field.
NEMS COAMPS NAV-GEM GEOS-5 Model E CESM Model driver * * * ** ** ** Atmosphere models GSM * NMMB * CAM * FIM ** GEOS-5 Atmosphere ** ModelE Atmosphere * COAMPS Atmosphere * NAVGEM * NEPTUNE ** Ocean models MOM5 * ** HYCOM * * ** * NCOM * POP * POM ** Sea ice models CICE * * ** ** * KISS ** Ocean wave models WW3 ** ** ** ** SWAN * * Components are NUOPC compliant and the technical correctness of data transfers in a coupled system has been validated.
National Commerce Corporation (NASDAQ: NCOM ), the parent holding company of National Bank of Commerce, has said that it has priced an underwritten public offering of 960,000 shares of the company's common stock at USD37.