NCOMNational Coalition Of Motorcyclists
NCOMNRL (Naval Research Laboratory) Coastal Ocean Model
NCOMNavy Coastal Ocean Model
NCOMNorth Carolina Odyssey of the Mind (academic tournament)
NCOMNational Congress of Mothers (forerunner of PTA)
NCOMNCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) CSM (Climate System Model) Ocean Model (oceanography)
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AWT is the only company to offer NCOM data at this level of detail and accuracy which can contribute to fuel conservation by enabling Captains to make key decisions to sail with positive currents or avoid adverse currents.
Now, with BVS's higher-resolution NCOM data, they have a new way to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions on coastal voyages as well," said Richard Brown, vice president of business development for AWT.
Compared to long term climatological information available from most sources, NCOM data is far superior because it provides a real-time analysis and forecast.