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NCOMMNaval Communications Command
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By using new Agere software running on Agere's Advanced PayloadPlus(R) network processor chips, and the NComm software running on Agere's Supermapper(TM) and Ultramapper(TM) chips, service providers can dynamically reset the host chip processors controlling their network equipment with no interruption in user traffic, save an estimated $2 to $4 million dollars per year, and reduce network outage time by an average of 87 hours per year, at a cost of $42,000 per hour, according to The Gartner Group*.
And NComm now offers new features like a secondary APS controller option and keep-alive monitoring.
By leveraging the partnership with NComm to deliver pre-tested, fully integrated WAN hardware and software in a Linux environment, SBE was able to satisfy the customer's requirements.
NComm TMS-VoIP provides a reliable, pre-tested Layer 1 WAN interface solution that eliminated that complexity and speeds time-to- market.
We're pleased to report that the bundled SBE and NComm solution is currently integrated in a voice conferencing system designed for worldwide deployment.
The bottom line is that NComm gave us a much-needed time-to-market advantage, while helping us to reduce development cost and project risk.
All eleven equipment providers purchased a variety of NComm products in NComm's flagship Layer 1 Trunk Management Software (TMS(TM)) product line and the company's newest product, NComm Stacks, which adds higher layer software functionality.
The development of NComm Stacks is a direct result of customer demand for higher layer software with the same level of quality and comprehensiveness found in our Layer 1 Wide Area Network interface products," said John Brandte, vice president of marketing and business development at NComm.
Our customers have found that by licensing NComm TMS out-of-the-box software, it takes the risk out of engineering interoperable, properly functioning WAN interfaces while freeing up precious engineering resources to concentrate on product differentiators.
Therefore, customers and service providers were eagerly awaiting an APS implementation that was not only standard-compliant, but truly interoperable and dependable," said John Brandte, vice president of marketing and business development at NComm.