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Nonetheless, both CON and NCON appear reliable for assessing aspects of team sport performance.
To compare the fermentation characteristics of unweaned animals with those of weaned animals a 2 x 2 factorial design was used with inocula from the NCON and unweaned animals in combination with two substrates (basal diet and MIX).
All the oligofructose and inulin type substrates had a higher gas production compared to the NCON diet or soybean meal (p<0.
pH values after fermentation were similar between the inocula, but ammonia concentrations were lower for CHR and NCON than that of other inocula (p<0.
The oligofructose and inulin substrates produced the highest total VFA, and had the lowest BCR compared to the NCON diet, corn and soybean meal.
The substrate MIX had significantly higher acetic acid, and also had significantly lower butyric and BCR compared to the NCON substrate.
As it was expected oligofructose and inulin type substrates produced a higher rate of fermentation kinetics (total gas production) and end product (VFA) than that of the NCON or feed grain substrates.
When comparing the kinetics and end products of substrates from weaned and suckling pigs, substrate from MIX had greater fermentation, C, OM loss and BCR than that of substrate from NCON.
The RQ values of both ECON and ECAP trials were significantly decreased during postexercise recovery in comparison to the NCON trial.
In cardiac ANS activities of the present study, the TOTAL power of ECON trial was significantly lower than that of NCON trial at RY30 after exercise.
Our results showed that the RTc and QTc of both ECAP and ECON trials were not significantly different in comparison to those of NCON trial during postexercise recovery period.
In the present study, metabolic responses [RQ, Fat(%), CHO(%)] of ECON trial were significantly different than that of NCON trial until RY60 (150 min of the recovery).