NCONNetwork Configuration Manager
NCONNorthend Coalition of Neighborhoods (West Palm Beach, FL)
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The issues of TCOV, NCON and network lifetime are the main consideration in mobile sensor network.
By applying the algorithm, while sending data from the sensor node to sink node increases the computation speed of transmission and efficiently solve the TCOV and NCON problem.
Minimizing Movement for TCOV and NCON in Mobile Sensor Networks" IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 26: 7.
Both CON and NCON produced reliable results for assessing a variety of team sport performance indicators including sprint time, vertical jump height, heart rate response and ratings of perceived exertion.
Nonetheless, both CON and NCON appear reliable for assessing aspects of team sport performance.
The NCON diet did not include antibiotics and inulin type oligofructose.
To compare the fermentation characteristics of unweaned animals with those of weaned animals a 2 x 2 factorial design was used with inocula from the NCON and unweaned animals in combination with two substrates (basal diet and MIX).
All the oligofructose and inulin type substrates had a higher gas production compared to the NCON diet or soybean meal (p<0.
At RY30 (30min of postexercise recovery), the TOTAL power value of ECON trial was significantly lower than that of NCON trial [73.
The RQ values of both ECON and ECAP trials were significantly decreased during postexercise recovery in comparison to the NCON trial.
By using Connection Manager to eliminate manual processes and automate tasks, NCON greatly reduces the time, effort and errors associated with activating customer circuits, trunks, carriers systems and networks.
NASDAQ: NCON - common stock; NCONW - warrants/BSE: ECN - common stock; ECNW - warrants) announced today its results for the second quarter ended June 30, 1995.