NCOPNational Council of Provinces (RSA)
NCOPNational Code of Practice (Australia)
NCOPNational Council on Philanthropy
NCOPNet Cost of Production
NCOPNational Civic Outreach Program
NCOPNon-Commissioned Officer Program (US DoD)
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The NCOP delegation also called for good working relations with higher education institutions which would assist with expertise and in the training of the library staff.
Despite the fact that the South African constitution accords provincial governments a direct, albeit, limited role in defining the country's foreign relations, through the NCOP, as argued below, intergovernmental processes on foreign affairs in South Africa also significantly exhibit features of this model.
373) Section 72(1)(a) of the constitution requires NCOP to
NCOP encourages choreography for ballet by inviting students from New York City dance schools, high schools, and college dance departments to attend the dress rehearsal of the spring production and to engage in a question-and-answer session with the choreographers.
Moreover, if the Constitutional Court is asked to resolve a conflict, it must "have due regard to the approval or the rejection of the legislation by the NCOP.
This allows for the free movement of personnel from one sphere to another: any member of the National Assembly, Provincial Assembly, or the NCOP (and previously the Senate) can resign from that body and be replaced by another representative of his/her party, without any reference to the electorate.
The NCOP replaces the interim Constitution's Senate.
The NCOP feedback meetings are a culmination of a three-day visit to the province of the Eastern Cape to report back on progress made on implementing the commitments made by government departments as well as the recommendations of the NCOP given during the core visit of the NCOP in November 2016.
A constitutional amendment pertaining to provincial boundaries would require a majority of 267 seats in the National Assembly, in addition to the consent of six out of the nine provinces in the NCOP, of which the ANC currently controls eight.
Address by the President of the Republic of South Africa, HE Mr Jacob Zuma, to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP), NCOP Chamber, Cape Town, 2009.
The NA and the NCOP represent different interests in the legislative process, with the NA representing "the people .
However, the role of the NCOP in the budgetary process has been limited in practice.