NCPCRNational Commission for Protection of Child Rights (India)
NCPCRNational Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution (Bensalem, PA)
NCPCRNested Competitive Polymerase Chain Reaction (DNA studies)
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In October that year, NCPCR constituted a ' jail visit panel' that has been conducting monthly jail visits since then besides interviewing inmates, checking their records etc.
She also asked NCPCR to carry forward its initiatives of linking and networking with civil society organizations for monitoring.
According to Shanta Sinha, chairperson, NCPCR, the rise in child abuse cases is not necessarily a reflection of a change in societal attitude towards children.
The NCPCR has been given three months to prepare a report in this regard.
NCPCR has brought out guidelines for participation in such shows, which ensure that the child is not exploited," she said.
The NAC chief acknowledged that she is given to believe that the NCPCR has already initiated action and kick- started the process of getting in touch with the various central ministries and also the Haryana government.
This could be the maiden three-day visit of the NCPCR team, including Member Dipa Dixit and Registrar B.
A team of NCPCR members had raided the home on June 9 and found that the inmates were being sexually exploited by Jaswanti and others.
One of the mandates of the NCPCR includes looking into the matters relating to children in need of special care and protection, including children in distress, marginalised and disadvantaged children, children in conflict with law, juveniles, children without family and children of prisoners and recommend appropriate remedial measures.
The NCPCR has been asked to look into the allegations and submit a report," she told reporters.
The ACHR also requested the NCPCR to send its investigation team to urgently investigate alleged torture and sexual assault/harassment of the inmates at Berhampur Observation Home, take appropriate actions and address the imminent risk of almost certain abuse and torture faced by the juveniles who were captured after their escape.
The NCPCR found the principal and three other teachers guilty.